Party and time to enjoy together with your studies, thanks to university event entertainment, below are some of the modalities.


At the Ticutuco drums, she was the event director for a year, being responsible for planning, organizing and executing the parties. Included in these terms are the tasks of preparing cost spreadsheets, quotations and contracting suppliers, monitoring the assembly, coordination before, before and after the event.

And of course, having all these functions, several skills were developed, such as:

Organization; Communication; Ability to work with spreadsheets; Strategic contacts; Ease of trading; Analytical look

All this helps a lot when entering the job market, both to know which area you have the most affinity with, and to already have a background due to your previous experience. There are people who enjoy a party: most undergraduate students. It has a wide circuit of university parties, between events promoted by athletics and groups looking to save money for graduation.

At the beginning of the semester, there are a multitude of parties to welcome new students and return to classes, most of them on weekends and in the afternoon. In sound, mainly funk, pop, pagode and sertanejo. Many of the parties are open bar, so only for people over 18 years old.

Costume partyCostume parties are already part of the traditional events of a university. This is because, in addition to being a topic that appeals to everyone, it is a great way to stimulate the creativity of academics and have fun with the result.

Foam partyThe foam party has become a trend in college events. After all, it is enough to have a good space and lots of (but lots of) foam to guarantee the fun of the academics. In addition to being very original, when well planned, it doesn’t generate much expense and offers an incredible result for those who organize.

There are several types of parties and entertainment, just enjoy.