(6) When the company manufactures a new product and puts it on the market, the Agency, in consultation with the company, implements a specific promotional campaign for the new product. 16. The Agency submits a monthly invoice to the Company for the costs it incurred in advertising and the company pays the invoice within 10 days of filing the invoice. The commission payable to the Agency is paid on the gross value of the work done or performed on behalf of the company and must be paid with the payment of the account of fees and fees submitted by the Agency. The client agrees to retain the agency as a provider of the advertising services provided below. The Agency is committed to providing these services in accordance with the terms of this agreement. If the client requires additional advertising services from the Agency, both parties negotiate the terms of these services and attach them to these conditions in addition to this contract. The duration of the agreement begins at [the start date] and remains fully in force and in effect until it is terminated by one of the parties after at least ninety (90) days prior to written notification, provided that it cannot be terminated under any circumstances (except injury) before [nearest end date]. The rights, obligations and obligations of the parties remain fully in effect during or after the notice until termination, including ordering and billing for media advertisements, the closing dates of which will follow. The Agency is the [exclusive or not exclusive] advertising agency in the United States for advertisers for products described in Section 2.

The advertiser requires the Agency to provide certain services related to the planning, preparation and placement of advertising for certain advertiser products, and the Agency undertakes to provide the advertiser with certain services related to the planning, preparation and placement of certain advertiser products as follows: The following promotional services are included in this agreement: PandaTip: This model can be signed electronically from any computer device. Once you have sent your agreement, your client may have a possible e-signature without having to download special apps or software. B. At the end of the advertiser, the advertiser agrees that any advertising, merchandising, parcel, plan or idea, established by the Agency and presented to the advertiser (whether done separately or in conjunction with or as part of other documents) that the advertiser does not wish to use remains the property of the Agency, unless the advertiser has paid the Agency for its services during the preparation of this article. The advertiser undertakes to return to the Agency any copy, artwork, disc or other physical embodiment of such creative work relating to such an idea or plan, held by the advertiser at the end or expiry of this contract.