From August 2020, a 20% discount will be granted on publishing fees on all content published in BMC and SpringerOpen magazines via the open access contract for Germany. Authors are not charged by Springer Nature and the 20% discount applies to fees paid centrally. More than 900 German institutions have the right to participate in the agreement between Springer Nature and the DEAL project, which means that authors associated with these institutions are entitled to publish their Open Access articles without being billed by Springer Nature. The agreement includes more than 2,000 hybrid magazines in the Springer Nature portfolio (from January 2020) and more than 500 full OA magazines (from August 2020). EU ambassadors today approved a political agreement between the Finnish Presidency of the Council and the European Parliament on an EU-wide classification or taxonomy system, which will give businesses and investors a common language to determine which economic activities can be considered environmentally sustainable. Investments in coal are not considered environmentally sustainable. The agreement maintains the concept of maintaining a neutral position with regard to different forms of energy, provided they are low in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. Taxonomy will also include two subcategory of “allowing” and “transition” activities. For each financial product, the share of activities invested in these facilitation and transition activities is made public. U.S.

Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and European Union Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan today announced an agreement on a package of tariff reductions that will increase market access for hundreds of millions of dollars of U.S. and European exports. These tariff reductions are the first tariff reductions negotiated by the United States and the EU in more than two decades. The process of identifying the authors will be somewhat different for the new agreement. For BMC members, legitimate authors are identified during submission. For the open access contract for Germany, identification is carried out at the receiving point. This means that you must re-confirm your institutional affiliation upon adoption if you submitted your article under a BMC membership, but the publication will take place in August 2020 or later. Articles published in BMC or SpringerOpen magazines until July 2020 will be billed to your institution`s BMC membership. All articles that will be published from August 2020 will be identified as part of the new agreement and will be billed to DEM DEAL (even if they were previously submitted under your membership).