There are other factors that go beyond finances when you have access to a guarantor or co-signer for the role. If you lose your job unexpectedly, will your guarantor or co-signer be ready to move up the ranks without it becoming unpleasant? Paying rent won`t complicate your relationship and travel home? After all, no one wants to talk about missed rents during Thanksgiving dinner. If the tenant terminates that you will be fired as guarantor at the end of the notice, or is it only that, a message and always responsible until the keys are returned and the lease is terminated? For many parents, the financial risk of being a guarantor is a major concern and can often be the cause of a lot of stress. Parents may feel that, despite the obvious dangers, they have no choice, especially if a child`s roommates are able to provide guarantors who are not so concerned about the risk. An obvious option is warranty protection. Only My Share is The brother service of Housing Hand for tenants who can provide a qualified rent guarantor and decide to financially protect themselves and their guarantors from the risk of paying the missed rent of other tenants. For only $99, the tenant and his guarantor can be covered against rent arrears of up to $10,000. 18 months ago, I acted as the guarantor of a boy. It was with an owner. After the first 6-month contract, the lease was transferred to the owner. My relationship with this guy ended 6 months ago and I recently sent an email to the owner informing him of the change of circumstances and therefore requesting that my warranty commitment will be handed over. He did not reply to my email.

All advice, please!!!. I am an owner and have never lived in the rented property. David (both a greedy property for nothing owner and someone who is willing to help someone else?) First of all, the risks of being a guarantor seem to rely on the trust you place in the tenant you guarantee. This is the case with some rental contracts, but parents should be warned that most student or housing leases use a “Joint and Several Liability” contract. I was my daughter`s guarantor so she could live somewhere. When their six-month lease expired, I assumed it was the end of my responsibility. I was sent a warranty extension form that I did not sign. In any case, she renewed her lease and fell behind on the rent. Your landlord says I have to pay. Is it true that your liability continues even if you do not renew the warranty? If you live in the UK, your deposit must be kept in a TDP (rental deposit protection) system.

If the owner wishes to take some of your deposit, you have the right to appeal and your money remains in the system until the matter is settled. You cannot rely on this deposit to pay rent arrears, as it could be used to pay property damage or unpaid expenses. Nevertheless, I appeal to the landlord and ask him to take your down payment into account when calculating your unpaid rent. If he is reasonable and willing to use his discretion and show compassion for your unfair treatment by your former roommates, he may agree; This would reduce the liability of the deposit to six weeks` rent. She could then be persuaded to reduce her losses and to realize that she has a legal obligation for that rent and to withdraw. Unfortunately, there are many “maybe” involved. I strongly advise you to contact the Citizens Advice Bureau or seek professional legal advice if necessary. If you are a student, your university or student work services may be able to help.

Good luck. My daughter has no heat in her apartment and the owner ignores it as a guarantor, I have the right to complain to the owner? Before you sign the agreement, make sure you know the answer to the following questions: Hello I can be a guarantor .i he did it for a family friend 2 years ago and things are no longer what they were.i must sign the agreement is possible or how much ad I have to thank, once you sign your lease you are for the Be