Ok, you are having problems choosing the right bridal shoes. First consider style, cost and comfort. These are the most important elements when choosing your bridal shoes. Remember just because the shoes cost a small fortune or have a designer name that does not mean that they are right for you. So below I have put together a few tips for choosing your bridal shoes.

Choose the right size

Choose a bridal shoe that is at least a half a size bigger than what you would normally choose. Remember to wear what you normally would when wearing your bridal shoes such as your panty hose or dress socks.

Break your bridal shoes in.

Just like any other shoe that you buy you will need to break your shoes in. So make sure you buy your bridal shoes at least a month before so you can start walking in them and stretching them out.

The bigger the heel..

The bigger the heel is on your shoe the harder it is to walk and the more stress you put on your feet and back. Also your wedding pictures can also look quite awkward if you are towering above your groom because you are wearing a four inch heel. So if you must choose a heel keep it conservative.

Designer no no

Sure designer shoes can be elegant and extravagant but you will also pay a pretty penny for them too. So I suggest choosing lower priced shoes because you can still get the same look as designer shoes, you will pay a lot less for them and you will most likely only wear these shoes one time. So why pay a hefty price for a one time use item.

Shop for your shoes after a hard days work

When your feet are more relaxed you will be able to choose the right bridal shoes for you. Shopping for your bridal shoes when you first wake up your feet are bigger than what they would be when relaxed.

Take a friend

Take one of your close friends with you when shopping for your shoes. You can ask your friend for their honest opinion of the shoes.

Take a camera

Take pictures of the shoes. You can bring the pictures home and compare them with your wedding dress. Also you can ask others of their honest opinions of the bridal shoes.

Just remember style, comfort and price then you will be able to choose the perfect bridal shoes for you.