Finally I had a chance to use the massage table that I bought from Polifisio. I couldn’t exactly use it on myself because it’s a bit hard to lay on a table and give yourself the massage. I used it on my brother, who was having a little problem with his back. There was an annoying pain that wouldn’t go away. He thinks it came from sitting in his chair all day long at work. I told him to let me give him a massage, and he gave me a funny look. He wasn’t too keen on the idea of letting someone rub and grab at his back, but he seemed even more turned off at the idea when I suggested it, because I was a guy.

I told him not to focus on the fact that I was a guy, and just think of it as his brother trying to help him out. He reluctantly laid on the massage table and when I told him that I would put some oil on his back, he jumped back off the table, which caused his pain to flare up again. I had to talk him into getting back on the table after 20 minutes. I swear he acts like such a baby sometimes. Once I started giving him the massage, he stopped being such a stick in the mud and was actually enjoying it.

He was liking the massage so much that he wanted to have another one when I was done with that one. I was glad that his back pain was going away, but I was starting to think that maybe I should be getting paid for my services. After all, it’s not every day that I have to massage someone who put up so much of a fight in the first place.