The power of really living the Slight Edge

As part of my series of articles and videos on The Slight Edge book, written by Jeff Olson, today I am going to summarise my insights from the Slight Edge in terms of how the principles of this book has helped grow my successful business.

When I took up the turnkey business opportunities with CarbonCopyPro and started my internet entrepreneur career I had all the ambition in the world. I was going to take the internet world by storm and there was nothing that was going to hold me back.

I soon realised that this was a competitive market, with thousands of people with the same aspirations that I had. I also realised that I had a large learning curve to go through and this would take time.

Rather than get disheartened I utilised the following key concept from the Slight Edge to help me create a very successful business:

Small steps consistently taken will ensure you will have a sustainable business in the long run

The most powerful thing I got out of this book was the importance of consistently doing small things on your business, or on yourself, will make you successful. You don’t need to do much, as long as what you are doing will improve yourself or your business, and you do it consistently. Every day you do something and if you keep this up you will be successful in the long run.

This approach slowly built momentum in my business. And once you have momentum your business will slowly, but surely, start to take off. Momentum is a powerful thing because it may take a bit to get started but once you have it the momentum will take over and you no longer need to apply as much energy in keeping it going. Similar to a snowball, once you get it started momentum takes over and continues to grow though at a quicker pace!

I also recognised the importance of reflecting on my business, to understand where I was in regard to my goals. This helped me keep motivated by recognising that I was on a journey and I was able to identify when I had achieved certain key milestones. This enabled me to have small celebrations of my achievements, which reinforced my commitment to my ultimate goal.

The Slight Edge is a powerful book that everyone should read. It is not solely related to the business world because it is equally relevant in all aspects of your life.

Small steps, taken consistently, will ensure you achieve your future goals!

Today I have discussed my insights from the Slight Edge book in terms of how the principles of this book have helped my business grow into a successful business. I discussed the power of consistently taking small steps towards your goal will ultimately ensure you are successful. Taking small steps consistently will ensure you slowly build momentum. And once you have momentum your business, or what ever you are trying to achieve, will take off.

I also discussed the importance of reflecting on my business, to understand where I was in regard to my goals. Which helped me keep motivated and engaged in achieving my goals.

Have a quick look at my video on this subject where I provide some insights on one other key aspect of this book that has helped me change my life!

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