Kitesurfing is widely becoming the most popular extreme sport activities on earth. Brought on by windsurfers wanting more transportable equipment for them to travel the planet. Kitesurfing brings you, adrenalin, excitement, freedom and allows you to join the continuously growing community to get you to the kitesurf lifestyle!

So why don’t you learn today and be apart of the amazing sport!

Why take lessons?

Kitesurfing is truly one of those sports where when you’re getting a first taste than it then you will never return back! Imagine yourself freely gliding over the water using only the power of wind! Due to the small board size and kites that pack away small commemorate it additional transportable and fewer hassle in comparison to other extreme sports.

Never function as the one with the beach thats pointing in the kiters saying wow that appears cool! You’ll function as the one around where consumers are saying wow he/she appears like there enjoying yourself!

Taking lessons is critical to get to the sport. Kitesurfing can be quite dangerous in case you have no knowledge of the game. Most accidents eventually people who job lessons.

How long will it take to learn?

Typically kitesurfing is usually learnt in 6 – 8 hours. This all will depend on the abillity and background you’ve. Some people will take longer as well as others a lot shorter. In 6 hours people typically get onto there first water starts and obtain the first feel of the potency of the kite that has a board.

What is the greatest way to learn?

A large amount of schools have approaches teaching and different structures. The best solution to learn is as simple as private 1 on 1 lessons. This allows you to have an instructor the main time with instructions on. Other way which can be just as effective is 2-1 instruction with 2 students per instructor. This works like a buddy structure in places you learn off each others mistakes, this might be just as effective as 1 on 1 lessons.

A school which teaches in this manner is Hooked-on who give private 1 on 1 lessons at the great price.

Many schools teach in large groups with limited equipment. For example schools can show with 4 students, 1 kite and 1 instructor so that you are effectily only flying the kite to get a ¼ with the time. Although you will find out off others mistakes you’re going to get fustrated due to lack of time using the kite.

Is kitesurfing dangerous?

By many people kitesurfing might appear dangerous. With such questions like “what happens if I crash the kite out on the ocean?” and “is it gonna just blow me away?”. Kitesurfing will not be dangerous atall if learn and taught properly. Various safety systems about the kites prevent accidents together with power control if the kite is with the air in the bar.

When kitesurfing started 15years or possibly even longer ago it was a dangerous sport even as did not have such safety systems, but as technology has improved and styles have changed kitesurfing is currently an extremely safe sport.

Where would you learn?

You can be able to kitesurf in several places around the earth. Kitesurfing has grown so popular that all around you you go with wind then you’ll find a school.

For UK residents learning how to kitesurf in the UK is the better way to start. Why not get the most from our amazing beaches and great learning conditions! You will also save a whole lot of money on flights and accommodation. Lessons abroad can sometimes work out higher priced due to ‘tourist’ prices plus various places will teach in large groups which provide you with less time using the kite and thus less bargain. Kitesurfing lessons in south wales is very good and provides some amazing conditions.

What experience do I need to have?

Quick answer..No experience is required. Kitesurf lessons is usually tailor made to match your ability and experience. Whether you’ve never flown a kite before or in case you have never set foot using a board.

How much will it cost?

Kitesurfing lessons can differ in prices from £40 as much as £2000 depending within the course. In the UK Hooked-on kitesurfing offers bargains on intensive kitesurfing courses 1 on 1 courses.

How old do you’ve to be?

The joy of kitesurfing is the fact that anyone can practice it. From 7 to 80 the course may be suited to you! Due to the variety of equipment used kites of sizes are employed depending on students weight and ability.

Where will kitesurfing take me?

Kitesurfing walks you wherever you need it to. You will join the popular community of kiter’s around the planet who experience that unique kitesurfing lifestyle. You will travel the earth showing off your kitesurfing skills and possess many people intrigued by the way you smoothly glide throughout the water!