Our Wi-Fi service is designed for email, instant messaging, Internet browsing and the use of apps that we consider fair. Transmitting large amounts of data consumes bandwidth and can reduce the speed at which other wi-fi users can access it. In particular, downloading very large files, streaming and using peer-to-peer file-sharing and file-sharing software requires high bandwidth and data usage. Hewlett Packard developed this draft directive that describes the use of the network and compensates the organization for losses or damages related to the use of the host. 4. Communicate any documents (by download, mail, email or other) that you cannot make available under a law or contractual or fiduciary relationships (. For example, inside information, protected and confidential information that has been learned or disclosed in the context of labour relations or confidentiality agreements); We are not responsible for cookies stored on your device or hardware by websites you visit while you use our Wi-Fi service. THE PRIORY SCHOOL verifies or limits access to content placed or accessible on the Internet. THE PRIORY SCHOOL does not verify or limit communication between parties on the Internet.

You acknowledge that if you access the Internet, you may receive or be exposed to content, goods or services that you deem inappropriate, inaccurate, misleading, obscenity or insulting. You agree that THE PRIORY SCHOOL is not responsible for measures or inaction regarding Internet content accessible via the Guest Wifi system. You cannot use the service for illegal or unauthorised access to another party`s computers, accounts, devices or networks, or to attempt to penetrate the security measures of another system. This includes all activities that can be used as precursors to an attempt to penetrate the system, including, but not exclusively, on port, stealth or other information-gathering activities. By using our Internet service, you expressly recognize and accept that accessing or transmitting information over the Internet carries significant security, privacy and privacy risks, whether the connection is facilitated by wired or wireless technology. Security issues include, but are not limited to intercepting transfers, data loss, or viruses and other programs that can damage or damage your computer. 5.1 You agree to keep us and our subsidiaries, related companies, executives, directors, agents and employees of any debt, claim, loss or damage (including legal fees) and other costs that may be incurred by or in connection with inappropriate or unauthorized access to Burnley Council Wi-Fi by you and/or violation of any of these conditions. Their access to the Service is entirely at the discretion of the ESC and this access may be blocked, suspended or interrupted at any time for any reason, including, but not limited to the violation of this Agreement, acts that may lead to the liability of the ESC, disruption of access to other users or other networks, and violation of applicable law or regulations.