Sandals are the much loved and preferred shoes by all and especially women to a large extent. Every woman craves even for a still better style of sandals available in the market. They do no fashion mistakes in choosing their required pair of shoes that well suit their style needs. But how about cleaning them? Do they provide proper care to them?

In this modern world, many people don?t like allocating time for cleaning and caring their shoes except a few. And few others don?t know how to clean their footwear. Well, one thing should be remembered that improper or no care will affect the quality of your footwear thus reducing their life span. If you do keep any interest in increasing your footwear?s life span, then do follow these below mentioned tips that are sure to make your shoes last longer.

Proper care and regular cleaning is one of the foremost important thing to make your sandals last longer. Regularly cleaning them thus retains and preserves their quality and further increases their life span.
Rotating your sandals often is also another tip to increase their durability. So, always keep some three to four varieties of shoes and rotate them in regular intervals. This will definitely increase the life span of your footwear and thus save your money on shopping another new pair for you.
After every wear, air-dry them to avoid moisture formation which may lead to shoe odor. Once your shoes start stinking, gradually they lose their quality with improper care. So, necessary steps and care should be taken to keep them smell free.
Proper use of your footwear can increase their durability. But improper use like wearing designer or any suede sandals for walking in rain or mud areas will thus damage the quality of the footwear. So, wear footwear according to the season, occasion and surfaces.
Preferring any poor quality footwear will definitely decrease their life span. So, it is wise if you invest in a fine pair of well branded sandals that will give you great comfort and long lasting durability.
Polishing and shining your footwear especially leather sandals will increase their durability thus make them look good.