If you are looking for just a flight sim download online to discover the thrill of flying a jet, this summary should offer you an idea of the characteristics you should hunt for:

A assortment of crafts to pilot, including helicopters, modern fighting jets, gliders and zeppelins. The more aircraft the higher quality as the game will stay fresh to you to get a long time. The best games have at the very least 100 available. Who wants to be uninterested in a handful of aircraft? Variety could be the spice of life!
Realistic graphics that accurately depict the night sky and landscapes. A great flight sim may have all of the details for making your experience more lifelike.
Instrument panels which may have all the same controls as real aircraft, customized specifically to mimic the cockpit of whichever craft where you will pilot. The controls really should be easily adjustable, be it on your keyboard, if you use a joystick, or if you need to get really realistic, a yoke, exactly like in a real aircraft.
The substitute for choose your weather, as well as any other environmental settings you want.
Time synchronization with actual time – should you fly at nighttime, the correct amount of darkness shows in the night sky, along with the stars and moon are typically accurately depicted, in addition to city lights on a lawn below you, as a result of the headlights of cars on roads.
Accurate recreations of world airports, with correct runway placement and approach lighting.
Recording and playback to help you look at your flights and analyze them, or merely watch yourself doing his thing.
An accurate help and debug menu to be of assistance when you encounter problems.
Networking options to help you connect web play with others worldwide.
You can even want to generate sure that the flight sim download that you just choose won’t require a huge number of space on your own hard drive. Games that occupy excessive space could potentially cause other problems and cause your pc to run sluggishly that may ultimately affect game performance.

This isn’t an extensive list, nonetheless it will supply you with an idea of what you need to be looking for within a flight sim download to help you have the best gaming experience possible.