4.5. THE DONGLE and/or THE LICENSE FILES may contain one or more licenses for different software products granted by THE COMPANY to THE LICENSEE. The total number of licenses to be implemented on THE DONGLE and/or THE LICENSE FILES must not exceed the number of licenses for these software purchased by THE LICENSEE. If THE LICENSEE has already made available another THE COMPANY DONGLE, THE LICENSEE is not required to purchase a separate DONGLE for each new license The LICENSEE acquires. If THE LICENSEE has already acquired license files provided by THE COMPANY, THE LICENSEE is required to acquire separate license files for each new license The LICENSEE acquires. The following pages contain detailed information about licenses and copyright information on V-Ray. You can find technical information about setting up your V-Ray license on the License page. THE LICENSE SERVER, THE DONGLE and THE LICENSE FILES cannot be used for commercial rendering farm services that provide contract rendering services to third parties upon request. Rendering farm service providers need a separate agreement with THE COMPANY; 5.1.

The company will provide the product electronically, you will need to register and download the product on the company`s official website. To obtain the software license license key, you may need to generate a provisional code from the computer on which the license server is installed and follow the instructions of the documentation provided and make that interim code available to the company. The company will continue to provide the corresponding authorization key for software licenses. Use components, files, modules, audiovisual content or associated licensed documents of the product separately from the product; Render Service Provider, which licenses the product to rendering farm operators, such as high-performance computer systems. B computer clusters created for the presentation of computer-generated images, under certain conditions stipulated in additional terms and conditions between you and the company. Universal rendering nodule. Universal rendering nodule. A universal nodule license allows you to use a continuous copy of the product (except the VRscans plug-in) for local rendering, distributed or frame-by-frame rendering at any time or via the metered access service, as defined below.