We needed to have a tree removed so we could build a three car garage by the house. We had been parking on the street for a while, saving up for this. The only downfall was we had to have two trees removed so we could build. I wanted to hire a company that does professional tree removal in Nassau County but my husband thought we could save money if we went with someone his best friend knew. The only problem for me was this guy is not an expert in the field of cutting down trees.

I admit that I am a worrier. I knew of this guy, and he seemed like a decent guy all the way around. I still did not want an amateur cutting down two trees so close to our house. I wanted someone who was licensed and bonded, and I also wanted to make sure that the person or company we used was insured too. I did not want the trees coming down on the house, or even injuring the person my husband wanted to use since he is not insured. That would mean that we are responsible if he would get hurt.

My husband understood that I was not being heartless, but that it could hurt not only the person cutting down the trees but also hurt us financially. I explained that with my research, I had found that expert tree cutters have the right equipment and resources, and also the right training since trees need to come down in different ways, depending on the kind, shape and size. We ended up going with a professional tree company, and my husband was happy in the long run because the job was done right in a timely manner, and it was not as expensive as he had feared since professionals were involved.