When it comes to office applications, Microsoft office is doubtless a standard. However, in relation to open source application, ‘LibreOffice’ might well be the leading force. It is just not only a major force but a rising contender to Microsoft office software. ‘LibreOffice’ is lower than 10 years old. It is put together by The Document Foundation. ‘LibreOffice’ is designed in three programming languages namely: Java, python and c++ languages.

One on the reasons ‘LibreOffice’ poses an enormous threat to Microsoft office is caused by continual improvement and customer growth. And with near to an estimated 75 million users 36 months ago, worldwide growth is forecasted at 200 million by 2020.

The difficulty, however, with open source software has long been the way people perceive it. Some people think softwares which are tagged open source are substandard, which obviously is a myth. Hopefully, the myth could well be squashed reading this review. ‘LibreOffice’ just isn’t one of those applications which can be deserted in the corner somewhere then updated once in the while. It has an active member group working constantly for improvements. And using a ‘time based released schedule’, developers strive for a by-yearly update. The latest version is known as fresh. It was updated within the first quarter of 2016.

For people less informed relating to this product, I would like to give you some benefits of using ‘LibreOffice’. And for those already familiar with this product, permit me to incorporate some knowledge in your insight.

Open source

Open source implies that it is absolve to download, without the need of requirement for paid licence. It ensures that it is usually distributed and it also ensures that it may be translated into other languages. Open source permits people to bring about the development with the product.


Like all traditional office products, ‘LibreOffice’ may come as a package, having a number of tools inside likes of spreadsheet, word processor, presentation, drawing, database and maths tools.


If database will be your thing, the Base tool would benefit you because you can connect with another database. You can also apply relationship to tables, use SQL queries, use wizards for report and form creation. And it gets better since even run macros with this program.


The application offered free from ‘LibreOffice’ website

Ease of Use

With an amicable interface, it can be very an easy task to learn. If you have used any Microsoft office application before, it can be a breeze. The beginner would find a short learning curve, and also the experienced user would enjoy engaging with all the advance office features.


Partners, educators, developers, supporters of ‘LibreOffice’ can gain certification to prove proficiency and endorse their abilities, driving them to professionals normally indicate, and creating opportunities.


My studies have shown a shocking amount of institutions like defence, governments departments, cities, schools, administrators, hospitals, corporations and home users are engaged using this type of application. And many institutions want to migrate to ‘LibreOffice’ too. Who wouldn’t? After all, it can be free.


It could be installed on Linux, Windows and Mac os’s and a few other less known systems.

File formats

‘LibreOffice’ supports over 70 file formats such as normal, EDF, SWF, CSV and GIF


‘LibreOffice’ is licensed under Mozilla public license (MPL)


There is not any email program mounted on ‘LibreOffice’ office rendering it a little bit of a disappointment for this type of awesome program for the time being. Who knows? It might be beingshown to people there.