Phishing is the place where a hacker or internet criminal produces a replica of your website so that you can steal your login information. To help you surf safely, Safari includes a Fraud Warning setting which enables protect you from these malicious websites. By default, the Fraud Warning is started up when you first receive your iPad. Just in case you turned it well, you are able to turn on Fraud Warning by using these steps:

1) Tap “Settings”

2) Tap “Safari” within the left hand panel make certain its Safari is highlighted in blue.

3) Fraud Warning should now appear for the right hand panel in the Settings. If it’s “OFF,” slide the grey switch to the proper to turn “ON.” You should now see “ON” highlighted in Blue.

Pop-Up Ads

Pop-up Ads ranges from annoying to malicious. Malicious pop-up ads can hijack your browser – not letting you do anything till you simply click they want – to even downloading viruses as well as other mal-ware. Safari incorporates a built-in pop-up blocker which is enabled automatically. If deterred, it is possible to turn around the Pop-Up blocker utilizing the same basic procedure as turning around the Safari Fraud Warning.

1) Tap “Settings”

2) Tap “Safari”

3) On the best hand panel you will observe “Block Pop-ups.” Make sure it’s “ON” and highlighted in Blue to permit pop-up blocking.

The built-in show up blocker is incredibly effective but is not 100% perfect. This is not a defect of Safari’s pop-up blocker as pop-up blockers in virtually any browser and platform have a similar problems.


There is often a class of pop-up ads embedded in a webpage’s JavaScript (i.e. code) that may only be stopped by turning off of the JavaScript engine within your browser. Most reputable websites would not have these types of ads. (They were only available in porn and warez sites but exploded along with other areas because of the effectiveness.)

You can make off JavaScript on your own iPad’s Safari but that is strongly a bad idea. If you shut down JavaScript, most websites will never work properly and you is not going to be able to view a lot of content. For example, without JavaScript you is not going to be able to access your money online since JavaScript should be used not just to run your website, but to complete the security features and encryption. Amazon, eBay, and Facebook are simply a few on the websites that don’t work without JavaScript.