When your going about buying a dress or any fabric to adorn your parking space, exactly what do you look for? Is it only the design and overall look that you are seduced by? Indeed not. The choice depends upon numerous factors including look, warmth, durability etc.

Especially for furnishings, the information or the fabric incorporates a great affect on the overall result which is how it will complement your home and your comfort levels using the choice. While many people get caught up by only the visual appeal, it is prudent to keep the information as the major consideration.

Some time ago using silk for furnishing was lesser known nevertheless its benefits have elected people head to the domain and prefer it over additional options. Eri silk manufacturers across India take part in the production of pure silk furnishings that supply versatility, functionality, and appeal.

Even once we say fabric, there are a variety of aspects to get considered. Here are some key differences that set the 2 main fabrics (silk and cotton) apart:

Presence of allergy-causing agents:

Silk doesn’t attract termites at is hence hypoallergenic. Its moisture-wicking capabilities also maintain the bacteria under control. On the other hand, cotton gives a breeding ground for bacteria as a result of its high moisture absorption. If the probability of allergies bothers you, you have to choose silk. There are various silk fabrics available which are ideal for furnishings. Out of these Assam, Eri silk has superior moisture wicking properties.

Durability and care:

While the charm and delicate appeal that silk exudes, says otherwise, it’s a highly durable material that exhibits exceptional strength. Even with low maintenance, it is more probably to retain its strength and sheen than cotton. It also requires less frequent washing as compared with cotton turning it into easy to maintain and long-lived too.

The Splurge

If you decide to go by the upfront costs, silk fabrics cost higher as well as your furnishings is going to be on the costly end if when compared to cost of cotton furnishings. However, in case you consider life, maintenance, and also other factors, silk computes to be the reasonable alternative which is more durable than cotton and therefore replaced less often.


No one really wants to sweat in summers and shiver in winters. Contrary to the common perception that silk is warm, the reality actually is that it must be warm in winters and cool in summers. That makes silk a win-win which consists of superior insulation properties compared to silk. You can close up your eyes and choose silk regardless of your local climate.

Environment friendliness:

Cotton cultivation and extraction carries a major footprint within the environment whereas peaceful extraction and weaving of silk is totally pro-nature. Assam Eri silk is known to be the information of peace since it is extracted in a fashion that the silkworms stay safe too.

While both silk and cotton are popular fabrics, silk is often a clear more sensible choice when it comes to furnishings. This is because it truly is pleasant to touch and feel and stands quality of time. It also offers a royal charm for your spaces and therefore a perfect option for furnishings.