Selecting a new pet, especially a dog, for you and/or your family is an important decision with all sorts of issues to consider. Understanding the traits and the genetic make-up of the breed you are interested in is essential. But understand, each dog will certainly have their own personality.You really need to find the best breed of dog that will fit into your true lifestyle. You really need to take the time and be honest about how much time and energy you are willing to spend with your new dog.

Consider why you might want a dog? As a family pet, a companion, protection, for assistance, rescue, show, etc.

Do you have a family and looking for a dog good with children? Are you active,jog daily, hike, etc? Are you a couch potato and a dog-lover and just want company? Do you have outdoor space or are you in an apt/condo? Consider space, in general, a large dog usually needs plenty of room to roam. A smaller dog does well in apt/condos. However there are many small breeds of dogs that are active and need lots of exercise. All dogs can become bored when not exercised, especially active breeds! Which is why I believe research is very necessary.

A dog’s size, exercise requirements, friendliness, assertiveness, as well as compatibility, in general, let alone with children should all be considered into your decision, depending on your lifestyle.

Do you have patience to cope with a puppy? Or would adopting a more mature dog be best for you?

Mixed Breed or Purebred? There are good dogs with or without pedigrees. If choosing a mixed breed dog, try to find out what strain(s) of breeds the dog or puppy is to better gauge and understand their demeanor and traits.

Pets have emotional needs just like people. They need love, attention but most important, kind and loving discipline. They depend on you for their food, affection and exercise. Bonding with your new pet can bring huge rewards with lots of love and respect.