I was really upset with the way the bathroom looked when we moved into this house a few weeks ago. When we looked at the house, the place was so clean. I could not believe how dirty and dingy everything was in the house, it was like they never took the time to go and clean anything at all. I was really upset with the way I had to clean it, and nothing was working. I knew I had to look up shower enclosures in Queens NY because that was going to be a way for me to find a company that could go and just throw an enclosure over my existing tub. Before I knew it, I had a brand new encasement over my tub and it looked like a brand new bathroom. I was so pleased that I had to post it and show people the before and the after. I think it was a great deal for what we got and I am happy because we wanted to update the kitchen first.

My husband and I said that we did not want to have to live in the construction zone that we called home. We already lived in a construction zone when we were in our early thirties and he built our home around us, but I did not want to live like that at fifty. To be honest, I was perfectly happy staying in the house that we had but my husband thought that it would be a good idea if we went and actually got a new place for a few years before we retired. Those few years are more like twelve but I like not having to clean as much and have as much stuff as I used to have when we were younger.